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Mark Harnage
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Tilly, AR 72679
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Superior Forestry Service has trained and experienced hand labor crews available for your restoration, reforestation or reclamation project. Our crews specialize in hand planting, hand spraying and hand thinning. They use a variety of tools and methods that best suit each site's unique conditions and the plant species to be established.  A field supervisor continually monitors and audits the work to insure compliance with contract and specifications. He is always at the job site taking care of your plants to make sure they get the best possible start.

 As the nature of wetland and bottomland sites present special challenges due to adverse conditions and diverse logistics, we equip our crews with 4WD vehicles, ATV's and trailers. Site hydrology, soil characteristics, and narrow operational windows emphasize the importance of planning, scheduling, and site production. A Superior Forestry Service area manager routinely communicates with the client and our field supervisor.  He oversees the project and makes adjustments to achieve successful completion and customer satisfaction.
 Superior Forestry Service can contract the work on a labor only basis or perform a turnkey operation where we provide the plant species and the labor.  We have successfully completed numerous mitigation and hardwoods contracts and have the expertise to assist you with your project.

 For more information about Superior Forestry Service, please see our web page at  E-mail us at or call us at
870-496-2442 to further discuss your projects.

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